Hello Creative Soul, thank you so much for visiting me here.

I believe that nature is our medicine which helps us reconnect with our true selves to guide us on our own healing journey.

My art is constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds me in the natural world and I am currently focusing on combining the healing energy of nature with the meditative process of creating mandalas

In 2013, I made a big life change and moved from busy New York City life to a peaceful, simple life by the beach in Spain. Complete polar opposites many would observe and at the time, I had no idea of the impact it was going to have on my relationship with technology and the discovery of my own medicine that is nature.

This journey inspired me to write my book – Botanical Mandalas: Draw, Paint and Create Expressive Mandala Art Inspired by Nature and dedicate this website to the process and further exploration.

Every morning on the beach, as my feet sink into the wet sand, I feel my body thanking me for following my heart and starting this new life. I cannot spend a day without the soles of my feet touching the soul of the earth wherever I may find myself around the world.

My intention is that you may also find your own sanctuary in nature, slow down to celebrate the beauty that surrounds you and cultivate your own creative expression through Botanical Mandala creating.

My Art studio is located on the south coast of Spain and the view inspires me every day. I love to look out to sea, watching the fishing boats in the early morning and then occasional kite surfers during the day! Listening to the waves calms me and during the summer months the swift birds fly around and sometimes stop on my window seal to bask in the morning sun.

My art is constantly inspired by nature. This site has a selection of Botanical Mandala Art and Motif sketches here and my general art portfolio is located on my main website here

Connect with Louise on her main website and social media sites here:

Website: louisegale.com

Louise Gale is a British mixed media artist and author of the book “Botanical Mandalas”. She creates in her art studio on the south coast of Spain, overlooking the sea, tiny fishing boats and the Moroccan coastline in the distance. Louise loves to combine the healing power of nature with the meditative process of mandala creating which result in her beautiful Botanical Mandala designs. Louise believes that nature is our medicine helping us reconnect with our true selves and her art is constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds her in the natural world, so when she is not in her art studio creating, hosting online classes or working with other creative people, you can find her on the beach collecting inspiration and putting her bare feet into the sand.

Louise’s artwork has been featured in The New York Times and Inc. Magazine. Feature articles have been published in Blossom Magazine, Moyo Magazine and Spirit & Destiny Magazine. Her Artwork and stories have also been published in books such as ‘What I Wish For You: Simple Wisdom For A Happy Life’ (Skirt! 2011), ‘Create the Style You Crave on a Budget You Can Afford’ (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014), ‘Paint Mojo’ (North Light Books, 2014), ‘Painted Blossoms’ (North Light Books, 2016), ‘The Mandala Guidebook’ (North Light Books, 2016) and ‘Your Creative Workspace’ (Skyhorse Publishing, 2017) She is also the co-author for ‘Mandala for the Inspired Artist’ (Walter Foster Publishing 2016).

Connect with Louise’s Botanical Mandala work and social media sites here:

Website: BotanicalMandalas.com